TkH in ARSENAL, Berlin / Book presentation and film screening / May 27, 7pm



May 27, 2013
7 – 9 pm
Kino Arsenal 1
Institute for Film and Video Art
Potsdamer Straße 2, 10785 Berlin |
Marta Popivoda, Ana Vujanović and Bojana Cvejić will present two recent TkH productions that result from their research “Performance and the Public” conducted mainly in Paris (Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers), but also in Belgrade (Magacin u Kraljevića Marka), Amsterdam (Het Veem Theater) and Berlin (Tanzfabrik) 2011-2012. The theoretical and political perspectives of this transdisciplinary research stem from the discontinuous experiences of participation in the public sphere in former socialist Yugoslavia and contemporary Western neoliberalism.
Bojana Cvejić and Ana Vujanović
b_books, Berlin – Les laboratoires d’Aubervilliers, Pariz – TkH, Belgrade, 2012
184 pages. | ISBN 978-3-942214-10-0
The point of departure for the book is the recurrent problem of the public: the eclipse of the public sphere throughout the twentieth century as a marker of the crisis of representative democracy. The authors propose social choreography and social drama as well as an analysis of contemporary performance of the self as instruments that reframe the discussion on the public and its discontents.
The core motivation for the book and the research can be illustrated by the following questions from the book’s preface: 
…What has the role of the public been in all these historical and current moments? Even if the public has not been passive and invisible in all of them, what has its position and its power been? Did it effectuate changes? Moreover, even if it has had political and social effects, we are inclined to repeat John Dewey’s question: was this public aware of the consequences of its actions? …What did we ask for when we as a public arose in protest? And how does this correspond to what we got in return, supporting or opposing the one or the other political actor on the public scene? …What can we as citizens do with what we know and have “in our hands,” or in our case, with theoretical and practical expertise in the field of performance?
The book can be ordered at the publisher directly by telephone: +4930 6117844 or by email:
Marta Popivoda
Serbia / France / Germany
62 min / 2013
The documentary film deals with the question of how ideology performs itself in public space through mass performances. The author collected and analyzed film and video footage from the period of Yugoslavia (1945 – 2000), focusing on state performances (youth work actions, May Day parades, celebrations of the Youth Day, etc.) as well as counter-demonstrations (’68, student and civic demonstrations in the ‘90s, 5th October revolution, etc.). Going back through the images, the film traces how communist ideology was gradually exhausted through the changing relations between the people, ideology, and the state.
The film premiered at 63rd Berlinale within Forum Expanded section.
Directed by Marta Popivoda
Written by Ana Vujanović, Marta Popivoda  
Edited by Nataša Damnjanović 
Sound design Jakov Munižaba | Re-recording mixing Christian Obermaier, Jakov Munižaba | Colorist Maja Radošević | Graphic design Katarina Popović | Producers Marta Popivoda, Alice Chauchat | Executive Producer Dragana Jovović | Co-Producer Ann Carolin Renninger
Produced by: TkH [Walking Theory], Belgrade | Les Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers, Paris | Universität der Künste Berlin, Berlin | joon film, Berlin
Supported by: Program Archive of Television Belgrade | Périphérie - Centre de création cinématographique | Dart film


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